What Makes Day Trading Profitable, How Can I Get There?

Is day trading profitable?To answer this question shortly is not difficult since there have been very objective studies carried out by major universities to determine whether it is really profitable or not.  Not surprisingly the results showed that day trading is just as profitable as any other form of stock market trading considering the profit making ability of individual traders. Brokerage companies can provide researchers accurate data about all trades closed, including intraday contracts so these studies contain empirical data. The findings show that roughly one in five-day trader is successful which is in line with the general average performance of the broader stock market which shows that only 20 % of all participants are successful. Dat trading requires you to be fully prepared and armed with all types of indicators, the essential one is the MT4 Candle Timer Indicator. If you want to see evidence of this just check out the study below. This, however, will not make you see what makes day trading profitable.

How can a day trader be successful then?

How is really the key question here… but if I answered that in a satisfactory manner so you could take money out of day trading on a regular basis you would not need to do anything else anymore because you would soon be self-sufficient and independently wealthy.

Why is that?

Well, the answer is the stake size you are trading with, that is the money you can put on a single trade. If your account capital is steadily growing it means you are able to trade with more money per each trade which in turn grows your account capital even faster… it is pretty much in a linear progression, one leads to the other and the stake size grows. The more money you trade with the more money you make on every single trade. You are going to have losing trades as well but here I just explained the overall monthly performance. The start point is to download MetaTrader 4, that is what really matters after all. If how is the key question I need to give you some clues.

Obviously, I am not saying that it is easy to learn day trading… it takes a lot effort and learning to acquire the skill set a professional or successful trader has. You are not going to learn it from books, just like the swimming example on my Home Page. Until you hit the water you can read as much as you want about swimming. You can learn about the breathing techniques, strokes etc. but you must be doing it in water for quite a while before you can say: “Wow, I am swimming!”

Therefore the best way to learn day trading is to learn from someone who has been successful in the market and possibly trade along with them.  If you find the right kind of education and do not waste your money on countless strategies or indicators you can really be successful …but even then it will take some time to achieve consistency.

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